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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Current Working Environment

Its already being more than a week I didnt updated my blog. I arrive at BTL on 15 July and report on duty on 16 July. Its being such a such notice I given to my ex company after deducting my leave, my last day was on 11 July. It was a real new challenge in this hotel. I study hotel and tourism management and my past three yrs working experience were more to the oil palm plantation and legal.
First day report on duty, I saw many familiar face. They are all my colleagues during my training at Everly back to 2005. Gosh its being more than 4 yrs I didnt saw them. Despite on them, I get to knw my two colleagues in sales and marketing department. They are very helpful and patient in most of the time as I have many enquiries. Get to knw two cute ladies from account and admin department and a guy from advertising and promotion department.
I will check in the Royal Suite in my hotel on this Sat. Its gonna be a great experience for me to stay at this luxurious room.. Got jacuzzi inside. Going out for sales call and heard some comments and feedbacks on our hotels. Our hotel was a great spot to stay as the shopping mall was just a door step from the hotel. Many eating outlets and pubs surrouding the hotel. It was so convenient.
So far so good. I love my jobs...

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