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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Song That Deeply Touched My Heart

I was touched by this song. Many people know what filial piety but failed to fulfill it. Sad to say this ….

As for myself, I am a very traditional Chinese Foochow Girl. Nothing can ever replace my family member status in my heart. I always feel the strong bond between me and them. No doubt we will quarrel over small matters but at the end, we harmonized.

Anyway I happen to listen to this song when I was on my business trip from Miri – Brunei. As first I don’t know what the meaning of the lyric is because it’s a Hokkien song and I don’t speak fluent Hokkien. I only manage to know minor Hokkien phrases.

When the singer came to this part嘸通等成功欲來接阿母住 阿母啊 已經無置遐, my tears nearly drop. Suddenly I remember my grandmom, she is the greatest Grandmom but already return to the arm of GOD. She was the one who take care of me when I was still a child. I can still remember her warm smile & touch. I love her.

My mom is always by my side whenever I am down. That's why I choose to work within Sarawak, so that I can going back to my hometown whenever I want to.



台語:落雨聲 哪親像一條歌誰知影 阮越頭嘸敢聽
國語:下雨聲 就像一首歌,誰知道,我轉頭不敢去聽

台語:異鄉的我 一個人起畏寒 寂寞的雨聲 捶阮心肝

台語:人孤單 像斷翅的鳥只 飛袂行 咁講是阮的命

台語:故鄉的山 永遠攏站置遐 阮的心晟只有講乎山來聽

台語:來到故鄉的海岸 景色猶原攏總無變化

台語:當初離開是為啥 你若問阮阮心肝就疼

台語:你若欲友孝世大嘸免等好額 世間有阿母惜的囝仔尚好命

台語:嘸通等成功欲來接阿母住 阿母啊 已經無置遐

台語:你若欲友孝世大嘸免等好額 世間有阿母惜的囝仔尚好命

台語:出社會走闖塊甲人拼輸贏 為著啥 家己嘸知影

台語:你若欲友孝世大嘸免等好額 世間有阿母惜的囝仔尚好命

台語:嘸通等成功欲來接阿母住 阿母啊 已經無置遐

台語:哭出聲 無人惜命命

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