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Saturday, April 17, 2010


hello Single Life

Attending my ex-classmates (Joanna) wedding reception at Sibu for past few weeks. Get chances to meet some of my old classmates. After attending the dinner we heading to cafe cafe for gathering.
Annie u have BF already? asked Joanna... hehehe I am still single and available.

From my personal POV, I sure hope this year will sail through smoothly. Just like every other year.

Career? A little bit tensed but I'm coping well, and hoping to make some major contributions.

Relationship. Seeing so many friends around getting engaged or married is indeed a real pressure. Let's just say something will happen this year alright? No wild guesses please, we don't wanna make things too predictable, do we?

Financial. Sabotaged by red bombs hurled around. Okay, just kidding. Hopefully it'll be steadier than last year, I had some bad moments towards end of 2009 but everything turned out well and good things are spilling over to the new year.

Health-wise, will need to watch my food intake. High level of uric acid but yet to see any symptoms. High level of bad cholesterol. Goodbye to Bak Kut Teh.

Won't be making any new year resolutions, at this age I'm starting to feel that my goals are for life, and hopefully I won't be setting myself any short-term targets and risk getting in the way of what I want to achieve in life's marathon.
Anyway single life tends to make me to appreciate my family members more ^___^

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