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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Messages from an Hotelier to Hotel Guest

Ok, everyone include myself is seeking a pampered experience when staying at any hotel. However, it’s also crucial not to go overboard on your demands or demeanor. No doubt Customer is always Right but even the hotel guests have rules of etiquette to observe (no offensive yeah, some of the hotel guest are really out of controls when they stay at the hotel, they tend to have a mentality like WE ARE PAYING.)

Rules No. 1
Don’t be a slob

Please do treat the hotel room like your own room at your home sweet home. If you eat in your hotel room or open up toiletries and packages, throw what you don’t need into trash can. Don’t expect the housekeeping staff to clean up after you like you’re a retarded child. Shame on you.

Rules No. 2
Always be genuinely polite to the hotel staffs
In hospitality industry, we as a hotelier tend to serve customer like a KING. So please be more polite like saying “Please” & “Thank you”. Please do not shout like uneducated fellow should any error occurred. Employees will be more willing to be extra accommodating if they know they’re helping someone who is pleasant & respectful.

Rules No. 3
Keep your laundry from hotel dirty linens & towels;

By doing this, you’ll help housekeeping the icky task of having to go through your dirty Underwear or Bra in order to get to the towels or pillowcases that they need to take to be laundered.

Rules No. 4
Be as quiet as possible & Be more considerate

You don’t have to turn your TV volume up loud enough for people in the next room to hear. Keep it a reasonable level to avoid “payback” problems with your neighbours. Do not slam the bathroom doors or closet doors and created disturbance to other guest.

Rules No. 5
Don’t have a in house PARTY in hotel room

Never ever have a PARTY in the hotel room. Imagined the cleaning chores on the foods stain, the puking stains, not to say the messy rooms and of course you don’t want to be complaint by others.

Rules No. 6
Complimentary Breakfast
The hotel’s complimentary breakfast should be only consumed for breakfast. Don’t fill up extra plates full of fruits, yogurts, meat and bread and take them back to your room to have later for lunch.

Rules No. 7
Conserving the Energy
Hmm… This practices seem to be applied at all hotels however despite of the numerous notices that display in the hotel room, many of the guests still ignored it. When you leave your room, switch of all the rights and turn off the TV off as you would do that at home and just because you’re not entitled to clean towels, it doesn’t mean you have to request one after every single use. No harm to reuse them after all, you will re-use towels at home.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We deeply appreciated it.

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