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Monday, May 25, 2009

Amy's Birthday (23.05.2009)

Brother Steve,
This Blog dedicated specially to u. This is briefly what we do that night.
Smile lar Amy~~
Forcing Underage Bro to Drink

Gosh look at her face.. She went "off" that night


Showgirl for Beers

Happy Birthday Amy

The Siblings

Annie & Amy

Amy celebrated her 23rd birthday on 23.05.2009. We having our dinner at Shuang Xi Lou before heading to Ming Yang for Karaoke session. My Brother Steve really good at chossing time calling back all the way from INDIA and wish Amy Happy Birthday (How Sweet~~ we all missing you at Sibu here). Life was dull without your that Nerd Looking Face and sissy Action that giggle our laugh everytime.

Ok back to her Birthday. Too much foods (fat, calories, glucose) & alcoholic drinks. My initial plan to go on diets gonna spoiled this time :-(. Who cares, life was just too short to worry about that... Our Brother Stan was so GENG to fall asleep despite of the loud shouting and screaming. Salute to u Stan.

Anyway money spend with worth cos we really enjoy ourselves throughout the night. Very lazy to illustrate and telling more on what we did that night. Like usual, I drunk again (Shy~~).

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