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Monday, May 18, 2009

What a Fatigue Day

My idiot sister call me and wake me up as early as 7.30am on Sunday. Her fiance book a badminton court at Sibu Recreational Club from 10am - 12pm. She asking whether I want to join or not. I was hesitated for a while and said ok. I am telling her that I will bring along our little brother as well. Wake my little brother and ask whether he want to join or not (of course scolded by him cos wake him up so early).
Well, last night we slept at 3am cos both of us too busy to upgrade for our (San Guo) - PS2. Initially, he don't want to go and went back to sleep again. Just I was happen to go out already, he wake up and said he want to follow me. He reminding me that he has Belt upgrading examination today. I was totally forgot about that. I had promised him to accompany him during the examination. So i went up stairs again to pack my clothes and my essential needs (make up kits) hehehe. I am not coming back and will take bath at my sister's house.
Reached my sister's home, I am scolding her for wake me up so early. She was laughing there like nothing happen. Ok, while waiting for her fiancée to come back, we had our light breakfast at her house. 9.35am we heading to SRC. I drive (cos majority vote want me to drive). It's being quite a long time I didn’t play badminton already, just half an hour game, I was exhausted. I go and jog surrounding the court. Going back for bath and had out lunch before heading to the centre for my brother's exam. Wow, it is really crowded and packed, I was suffocated inside here. hehehe... I screen around and see lot of macho guys... Pweii... release my tension a bit. My brother asked me to go back if I want to and he is ok with that. I dont want to go back of course hehehe. Wait wait and wait ... 3.30pm, he finished the exam and i drove him to Impresif for his English tuition which will start at 4pm.
He is tired after the tuition, and then my sister called around 8pm and invited us to Pan Box karaoke. She is really boosted with lots of energy. My brother and I go and get change and meet her up there. The surrounding and the songs are nice. We sing till 11pm. Oh ya, in the middle, my brother fall asleep despite on our shouting and broken sound, he still can sleep soundly. Not going for supper, on diet...
ZZzzzzzzz... So tired.
Shhh~~ Do not disturb. Sweet dream with my bunny.

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