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Friday, May 15, 2009

Miserable Moments in Corporate Life

Last week I went out with my friends…. Expressed my frustration over them on my work. We chat and chat and didn’t realize that the time pass swiftly… It’s 2am already in the morning. Anyway thanks to you guys for being there to hear all my frustration and complaints…The result is ??? I hardly opened up my eyes the next day.. taken leave and has good rest at home… at least no need to see the fellow that I don’t wan to c back to the office… back to my sleep in my sweet and cozy room… *Dreaming* Suddenly I heard my phone rang… my dream smash and look over for my phone… who the hell calling at this time….Hello!!! now I knw who calling me already!!! shIT man.. Give me a break!! I am on leave ok… please do not torture me with office stuffs… at that moment I really feel like smashing my phone on the wall..Arrgh~~~

This is our conversation:

Me: Hello (Shit man is her ~~ sleepy)
Her: Annie, this is me .. Mr. ABC call to her office this morning…
Me. Oh, then (i am fully awake at that time already)
Her: Bla bla bla (well as usual in her low n polite tone to express to me what Mr. ABC wan me to do).
Me: Ok (My heart -fuck you bitch from the beginning I already told I don’t want to do that idiot task that assigned from him… just because u wan to look better in front of other department… doesn’t meant that I need to follow ur fucking ass along to impress others… I am really tired… have u ever care about my feeling) Sob Sob Sob.. I trusted you from the beginning… this is the way u treat me back!!!
Her: hope u think over it … it will good for your future prospect…
Me: oh let me think about it (fuck u bitch)
Hang up the phone… sat on my bed desperately… crying like nobody business.. after calm down myself I call up my friends (K & J) , telling them what she had done.

From the moment she told me all the crap, my bright and warm feeling towards this bitch dead straight away.

It feel suck … People just take granted on you. It was really sad to know that the fellow was only taking granted on you after so much things you had done to her. The feeling was sucks.. How can she do that… From now on no more Mrs. Nice from me… I wanna be a meant girl… No use to be good if this is the way she paid back to u. I am really want to go off from this cruel working environment. If not because of the family commitment, I already move away from this career path.

After doing so much things, NO APPRECIATION!!!, additionally people said you are calculative when you reject to do something that you are not willing to do… What happen to these freaks actually!!!! I really cannot predict what are they next move…They just didn’t even bother to care at least for my feelings. Have they think twice before even spit up these f*cking words to me. Have their ever thought that I have done so much things for the past!!! All end up like piece of shit and mess (NO Appreciation), at the end of the day, I just full of anger and frustration.. After so much thing I had done, at last I gain my courage to reject that idiot fellow, guess what he said??? He said don’t be calculative (Zuo ren bu yao tai jian jian ji jiao)…WTF I feel like wanna smack ashtray on his face that time… Indirectly he keep on forcing me to do the task that he assigned to me…I am really aggressive this time and continually reject him and keep on telling him what I had done for the past.

Until to day, she acts like nothing happen… No sorry from her, no talk from her… whatsoever la… I totally piss off with her… nowadays I will avoid from her in every single things apart from the work stuffs… I show my anger face towards her everyday (until today of course). Oh ya, she is also a control freak…. She like to control everything what you do… (example: we book a room for Karaoke, she even taught me how to sing well.. WTF man I am spending my money for fun… and can anyone out there can tell me why should I sing like PRO in KTV!!!! Said my song not nice lar.. MACIBELI cibe Noob!!) I being too obedient and nice for the past until recently, I show my frustration towards her if she said anything… no doubt she is kind and generous but in many way she just way very selfish and confident… guess what she ever said to me… she said she can look through me… WTF.. u r not my mom ok… I am not coming to this world from ur pussy ok… so wake up… do not plan every thing according to ur ways and style… maybe its look perfect to u but not the people surround you…


If one day I leave this company… I will telling the world that I am quitting my manager not the COMPANY…. Wow.. phew too much of complaining here… not good for my karma… hahahah… who cares… this is wat blog for… I Love U the BLOG Creator….

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