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Friday, May 15, 2009

Greeting from Corporate World

My corporate life is sucks… Am I here to grow with the Company or just for the Paycheck? So to answer your question, I am here for the paycheck. Our economy is such that money is required to live, and the easiest (legal) way to get money is to work, so that is why I am here.
But I’ll never tell my manager that! I love this company!

In most cases, corporate loyalty gets you nothing. People live and breathe for their company, and then as soon as the company is done with them they are swept aside. This “company loyalty” mindset has even trickled down into “corporate etiquette.” You know the “two weeks’ notice” that you’re supposed to give before you leave your job? How many companies actually give their employees two weeks’ notice before they are fired?
“Hey, Bob, just so you know, we’re going to fire you in two weeks. Thanks for all your help over the years!”

Every thing need to go accordingly to the Company Policy…Please lar rules, regulations, policies and whatever black and white is set by human, you can be more flexible in most of the time. But most of the time, the MORONS will said Sorry, we just follow the company policies … Even late or off from the office for 1 minute earlier, your phone rang to hell… Hello, please do not be late for next time, otherwise a warning letter will issued to you… If you stay late at the office… Sorry no compliment from them, you may even blame for wasting the company utilities… Attending for a meeting (being force by most of the time)… sitting inside pretend like a nerd and caught nothing of what are they trying to present. No freedom to speak out (better not because you may offence someone (manager level and above). Better keep quiet and do not rouse around…. Sit there like a dumb fellow…

Never tried to look clever, this will get you into a real trouble. The MORONS will just suddenly become an expert in “TAI CHI”. The Morons will push over every single of tasks to you. In the future, all the tasks will just assigned to you. So better pretend like an IDIOT in front of this MORONS to get you off from the uncountable miserable. Like what Hokkien said “KIAN DO HO MAI KEK KIAN”. Trust me…

I may be a EVIL BITCH, but you are MORONS. These MORONS will think that they born you like they know everything about you. In the most of the time, they will started to think on your behalf and make an outcome that you may like to do certain things that you just don’t even want to. Without your consent or your permission, they just go ahead and assigned the tasks to you. In this case, when you tried to reject or fight back, they will started their long wise talk to compliment you so that you will accept the tasks. In the end of the day, if they failed, they will said that you are just calculative. Don’t care whatever he said, at least I free myself from these miserable burdens.

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