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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Movie Day - 20.05.2009

Yesterday was MOVIE DAY. So excited!! A few minutes to go to clock off. My friend gonna fetch me in his brand new VIOS (he just took the car on the same day). The show starts at 7PM but no worries cos I bought the tickets already (4 tickets) during lunch hour.

The time showed that it’s already 6.30pm yet my friend hasn’t arrived at my home. I called him up to check where he is right now. Yeah … he is on his way to take bath and assured that we can make it in time for the movie. Wah lao eh… OK fine then I just waits and he arrived at my house around 6.45pm. It’s almost 7pm, J calls me up to check on me and I tell that I was on my way cos he fetches me belatedly.

Phew~ we make it in time. Advertisement and other movie trailer were on the cinema screen when we seated ourselves. J said I was quiet throughout the movie ended. Xmen Origin: Wolverine was so nice until I keep my mouth shut and sit still without disturbing my friends, vice verse if the movie is SUCK, then my friend were really pity. I will keep pitching, nagging and whatsoever to distract them to watch the movie. I am such an evil witch.

I LOVE GAMBIT …. He is just way really cute. I like wolverine's violent and ROMANTIC past. Did i said that he is partially nude in one of the scene. Pweii... Looking forward for 2nd part to be on view.
If i was a mutant, I want to become Kayla who has power of persuasion. It was just way awesome if I am in Sales & Marketing career... hohoho


  1. < I want to become Kayla who has power of persuasion.>

    u will never be like what kayla was.. cos .. u r absolutely short of this kind benedictive......hahahahhaha.....look into the mirror u will got the answer hiding on. *wink

  2. @!@#$%^%@.... nothing to do with physical appearance.. I will kill u