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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Message from Big Sister to Brother - Duan Wu Jie Kuai Ler

My Brother with My Cousin & Nephew -_-'''
Hai My Nerd Brother Steve,

Duan Wu Jie is around the corner (this Thursday (28.05.2009) - 5th day of the 5th lunar month in the Chinese calendar). Happy dumpling Festival. Initially thinking of courier dumplings over to you but cancelled it because I am so sure that dumplings get rotten before even reach INDIA. Hahaha

I love being Chinese because we’ve got a tonne of festivals where we get to celebrate with foods, snacks and other scrumptious delicacies. Of course not to forget the alcoholic beverages (a must for me) while gathering around with my family chit chatting the past (we miss u here all the way from Sibu).

Any way, the zhang or chinese dumpling festival is back again. I love zhang! I love it in its entire embodiment. From Red bean dumplings (my favourite) to bak zhang (meat dumpling), I’m mad over these glutinous rice dumplings (made my stomach growling). Steve will so mad because he cannot eat the dumplings this year (I am wondering whether any of your classmates know how to make Rice Dumplings)… hehehe
Mom and I was not a Bak Zhang expert maker and she usually bought from her friends.No worry for that, because even we can’t wrap a zhang properly, every street corner in Sibu seem to sell the Zhangs at this time. I look forward to this festival with relish tummy (yum yum yum). Imagined a delicious zhang is full of glutinuous rice containing fatty pork meat, chinese mushrooms, salted duck yolk, chestnut, dried oyster and dried prawn hae bee) inside your mouth.

No need for me to summarize the history of this festival ho. You can go and search in internet (actually I am just very lazy to elaborate at here).

While most zhang are triangular in shape, my Grandma used to make pillow shaped zhang, a larger zhang which could feed more than 2 persons happily. Sadly she does not make them anymore because she is Nyanyuk already!(no worry she is fine and dandy). Too bad did not learnt some skills from her. Well, maybe will take a class or leant from some expert so that one day I can make one for you to eat…

DUAN WU JIE KUAI LER…..greeting all the way from SIBU. Gotta to go, Mom coming back with the Bak Zhang.


Pretty Sister Annie Pau…. Muak X-)

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