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Friday, May 15, 2009

My Conversation With Her

All right, today she was calling me to her office. Yeah before I even warm up my butt on the seat, she told me that she know that I feel frustrated for the past few weeks. I was like huh~~ are you blind or totally a moron?? Of course lar, until today only you talk to me by giving an excuse that she is busy. Ok fine, I take it.

Let’s move to our conversation. Next time I will bring my recorder inside as a proof to what I type at here. She told me that the fellow called her did not even give a chance to her to stand on her point that I don’t want to take that tasks. Ok, I am listening and interrupted in the middle of the conversation that I am full of anger because they did not even bother to discuss with me on the matter before assigned it to me. They did not care about my feelings and what is my view. She then said that she understand my frustration on the way how they handle the matters.

They just “throw” the tasks to me like it is my responsibility. Come on, I am not that department personnel. Then I am telling her that in a few occasion they had done the same things. I am telling her I am just too nice and soft to them at the first place. I am not sure whether she still remembers on what she ever tells me. Initially it was her idea to ask me to help that bunches of moron. Ever since then, I am reluctantly to reject the moron because that was an order from her. I am telling her that I am not going to do any tasks from that department anymore. We should make clear what is our department's job and not clearing the shit from other department.

In a few occasion, these morons even ask me to help them to do photostating. I was like demoted to become administrative assistant or clerk. I still remember during our company annual dinner, they throw the invitation part to me. In fact I am just a new person in HQ, what the hell do I know about the overseas staffs and all the VIPS. The best part is what, they only show in the last minute to help me up.

Even for the manpower, I need to look for my friends’ help from other subsidiary company. As for my own HQ, only one fellow (my colleagues) who willing to help me, others all from subsidiary company.

After the whole night standing, I don’t even have a proper time to have the dishes. My legs was so hurt because of too much standing (I am wearing a high heels). Yet there is not a single thank you from the OC. I was really shock. I am sitting just right behind MC. The OC treated me like invisible glass, she just thanks the MC and din’t bother to look or thanks me even once.

Really sad at that time, after all the pain you get on legs this is how they treated you back. All right she did thanks me at the end (thanks to my friend effort). My friends and I are going to washroom and we saw her in the washroom as well. My friend purposely said it loudly by asking me do not ever do this kind of stuffs in future. No one will appreciated on what you did. People just take you as granted. That woman, I think she feel embarrassing when coming out from the washroom and thanks me in the washrooms. What a funny and meant woman.

From that moment, I swear I will never done that idiot task anymore in my life.

Oh ya, back to my conversation with her, I did mentioned to her that I am angry with her because she did not stand and protect me in the first place. Initially I already telling her that I don’t want to do these tasks yet she did not help me to convey the message to that MORON.

Ok fine, I accept her excuses that she cannot make any decision on my behalf (even though I already granted the permission initially). Maybe she don’t understand what I meant. After I expressed all my frustration and anger towards that moron, she told me next time she will handle the matters better and I will not get offence at the same time (yeah right, cross my fingers). Pray hard for that day to come.

She did ask me and my other colleagues (rather consider her as friend) to go for meal or something. I am rejecting her by telling her that after working hours is my personal hours and I don’t feel like going out and ask her to proceed with others, I just don’t want to mix up with her again after working hours. Very tired.

I really need to draw a crystal clear boundary with her.

We are just superior and subordinate nothing more than that.

Sad right, I ever treat her as a good listener and trust her.

I am feeling better already today. Going out for lunch with my friend just now. My heart go like sha la la la…….


  1. they misunderstood , assumed that u r dustin provided by SMC thus threw all the rubbish for u ..
    wau ahhaha.... freaking cool ^^

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